Live TV Streaming Services: Worth the Effort?

It seems that live TV streaming services are in their golden age right now as more and more TV channels are allowing streaming. For example, Premier Stream TV has over 500 channels available for viewing! Going without cable is a seriously viable option.

Many people wonder if it is worth all the effort to make a switch. They worry that they will have to struggle to find a live TV streaming service that has the channels they want to watch, and they worry that they may not be able to understand the technology. Let’s break those worries down, so that you can feel more comfortable making the switch.


Cost is generally one of the biggest worries for most people, especially if they are tied into a package deal with their cable provider. However, even with the best deals out there, you are probably paying at least $50 for your cable, and that isn’t even including the fees and taxes. Once you add in the cost of renting your DVR box, you are looking at a significant chunk of change.

At Premier Stream TV, you can get live TV streaming services with 500+ channels, including sports, for just $35 per month. There is no equipment to rent and no activation fees.


It is very easy just to keep on doing what you are already doing because it doesn’t take any effort at all on your part, but when you find out how easy switching can be you may change your mind. Plus, once you have all of your devices (up to four can be used with Premier Stream TV), you will love the easy way you can watch all your favorites!

While there is a tiny bit of set-up involved to have live TV streaming services, it isn’t anything as involved as setting up a satellite dish. Plus, you won’t have to wait for a technician to be sent out to your home like you would if you were having cable installed.


Switching to the live TV streaming services offered by Premier Stream TV will lower your monthly bill and is super easy to do. You will get a great variety of channels for a low monthly cost, making now the perfect time to “cut the cord!” Sign up today for the free trial so that you can explore all that Premier Stream TV has to offer.

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