4 Trade Show Pitfalls That Could Kill Your Booth

Trade shows offer you an excellent opportunity to find and meet new clients. However, if you make mistakes, you could end up wasting time and money. Here are a few pitfalls that could derail your trade show success.

A bad display

First impressions count and part of what helps build those impressions are great displays. If you’ve got a plain or boring display, that’s going to make people less likely to come to your booth when the point of joining a trade show is to get them to know your product or services in the first place. Some of your potential clients might also pass by your booth if they see a bad display out front. Don’t let these things happen. Get the right displays by scouting around for trade show exhibit company and hiring the best one.

Having no goals

Find out what you want to achieve by joining the event. Do you want to launch a new line of products? Do you want people to sign up for your app? Do you want to boost awareness and recognition of your brand? Talk about your goals with your exhibit team. They can help you figure out what your messaging is so they can match that to your displays.

Doing it yourself

Don’t make the mistake of taking a DIY approach to the displays, unless you’ve got the necessary experience and skills. By creating a bad DIY booth you can expect to be left behind by your competitors who will no doubt turn to the services of trade show exhibit companies to create the ideal, attention-grabbing display.

Zero communication

Make sure you and your team of exhibit pros are on the same page. Are they easy to talk to? When you tell them what your vision or idea is, do they listen? Make sure your trade show provider is constantly communicating with you and your team. Constant communication will help minimize errors and maximize potential.

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