Lesser-Known Reasons a Child May Require Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa OK

Braces are most commonly worn by preteens and teenagers. While many parents just want to improve the appearance of their kid’s smile, braces are actually prescribed to fix a variety of other conditions. There are many lesser-known reasons why a child may need Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa OK

Make Room for Adult Teeth

As a child gets older, they lose their baby teeth. This begins happening around the age of six, and the final molar is usually shed by the time the child is twelve. In most instances, the final set of adult teeth come in without any problem.

However, some children don’t have enough room in their mouth for their permanent teeth. Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa OK is needed to make room for these teeth to safely erupt into place. An orthodontist may use a combination of braces and appliances to expand the patient’s palate.

Fix a Speech Impediment

How a person speaks is very important. Adults with speech impediments may find it more difficult to find a job or be taken seriously. Since the majority of speech impediments begin when a person is still young, it’s important to correct the problem as soon as possible.

For many children, speech issues are caused by jaw, teeth, or tongue problems. If their teeth and jaw aren’t perfectly aligned, it may be difficult to properly make some vowel and consonant sounds. Orthodontic treatment may be suggested to help fix a speech impediment.

Prevent Grinding and Clenching

Many people subconsciously grind or clench their teeth, which is clinically known as bruxism. While this may seem like a minor problem, it can actually lead to many dental issues later on in life. Broken teeth, sensitivity, and even inflamed gum tissue are just a few problems often caused by grinding.

Waking up with a sore jaw is often the only symptom of bruxism. If a dentist determines the patient is grinding or clenching due to a misaligned bite, they may suggest wearing orthodontics to correct the situation. If the jaw is properly lined up, the patient is less likely to grind their teeth.

Scheduling annual exams at a Kid’s Dental clinic is the best way to make sure a child’s teeth are growing in properly. If orthodontic treatment is recommended, it’s usually best to begin treatment right away to prevent more problems in the future.


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