Learn More About Dentures in Calgary

There are many reasons that can cause a person to begin losing their natural teeth. When you have cavities, infection or gum disease, you are more prone to losing teeth. You can also lose your teeth due to the aging process or because of poor oral hygiene. No matter the cause of tooth loss, it can be difficult to deal with. Not only do you have to deal with a diminished ability to eat, but you also feel self-conscious because of the appearance of your smile. Fortunately, the dentist has the solution for missing teeth. Through Dentures Calgary, you can have a full set of teeth, so you can properly eat and feel confident in your appearance.

Getting dentures is an easy process and normally only takes a day. Many dentists are able to create your dentures on-site. First, any remaining teeth you have, will need to be removed. The dentist will also need to examine your gum tissue and make sure it is healthy enough for you to wear dentures. Since the dentures will rest on your gum tissue when being worn, it is crucial your gums are healthy enough to endure this constant pressure.

After it has been determined you are a good candidate for dentures, the dentist will make some bite impressions of your gums. This will be used to create your pair of dentures, so they will properly fit your upper and lower gum plates. Once the impressions have been created, they are sent to the lab, so your dentures can be made. Often, dentists will have you return later in the day, so your dentures can be fitted.

The dentist will make sure your dentures fit snuggly and do not slip around on your gums. It may take several weeks before you feel completely comfortable wearing your new dentures. As your gum tissue toughens up, you should have an easier time of wearing them.

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