Large Buildings Rely on Industrial Air Conditioning in Brooklyn, NY

Keeping large apartment buildings and commercial structures cool requires an Industrial Air Conditioning in Brooklyn NY system. These are very large systems that have to be designed for each building they service. The system designer will consider the building layout, number of floors, size and location of windows and the building materials. These structures often house uses such as nursing homes. Their fragile population is sensitive to heat. A system failure could be catastrophic. An entire nursing home could have to be evacuated. Therefore the system has to be designed to work reliably with many back-up features.

Once the design has been completed, the Industrial Air Conditioning in Brooklyn NY system often has to be custom made. Companies that make these systems have skilled metal fabricators on staff. They can create the sheet metal ducts and piping that are the core of any air conditioning system. Once the ducts are complete, experienced riggers have to ensure that the ducts are hung properly throughout the building. As ducts and rigging age, they can sag if they aren’t hung correctly. An aging system can lose up to 30 percent of the cooled air it produces because of the leaks at the seams. Proper design, installation and maintenance work together to minimize a company’s energy costs.

Inter-County Mechanical Corp is familiar with these issues and the best ways to prevent them from happening. Since 1984, they have been providing air-conditioning service to large commercial, industrial and institutional uses. In addition to installing systems in new buildings, they have helped building owners upgrade out-dated systems. Once the system is in place, they develop a maintenance program that keeps it working efficiently for as long as possible. If an emergency does occur, they have the technicians and staff to respond quickly.

To minimize customization costs, they use manufacturer parts whenever possible. Their technicians are familiar with all the major brands and know how to incorporate them into a custom system. The company stocks a large warehouse with all the necessary replacement parts. This inventory is one of the major reasons that the company can respond quickly to any emergency. For more information, visit Website.

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