Landscaping Uses for Wood Chips in Saint Paul, MN

When arborists trim off branches or take down entire trees, they often use wood chippers to dispose of the organic material. The small chips produced by this procedure are easier to transport away from the site, but they are also far more useful in a wide variety of applications than large logs. Read on to find out about a few landscaping uses for Wood Chips in Saint Paul MN to learn more.

Making Mulch

Wood chips are a perfect mulching material. They help plants stay warm, while simultaneously helping the soil to retain more water and suppressing the growth of unwanted weeds. Homeowners and landscaping contractors can simply spread them on top of a garden in the spring to prevent weeds from growing and repeat the process in the fall to protect the plants from freezing temperatures, helping to extend the natural growing season.

Composting Materials

Since wood chips contain a large amount of carbon, they can also be used to improve the condition of the soil. The easiest way to take advantage of this benefit is to use wood chips as the brown layer in compost. As they break down, they will enrich the soil, making it more nutritious for plants.

Comfortable Walkways

Wood chips also constitute an ideal walkway substrate. They’ll even out the ground, making it more comfortable to walk on, and will prevent any weeds from growing in the walkways. Just be sure to remove any large debris from the area prior to laying down wood chips so nobody trips.

Play Areas

Wood Chips in Saint Paul MN also make a perfect substrate for play areas, as they are great for cushioning falls and provide a safe, non-slip surface. Just be sure to inspect the wood chips periodically for signs of insect infestation and to replace them as needed for cleanliness.

Learn More Today

These are just a few of the most common landscaping applications for wood chips. They can also be used as a fuel source for biomass reactors, add interest to home decor and furniture, and provide a temporary solution to erosion control. Contact Timberline Tree Service today for information about how to find a reliable source of wood chips for any application.

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