Keep Your Frozen and Refrigerated Products Safe During Unexpected Outages

The sudden and unexpected loss of abilities to keep foods refrigerated or frozen presents a real crisis for businesses that revolve around fresh and frozen foods. Storms and equipment failure account for many of the incidences that leave you and your staff scrambling for a way to keep things cool.

Commercial Refrigeration Breakdowns

Commercial freezers and refrigerators can break down periodically, especially after years of service. Emergency repairs might take longer than you’re comfortable with when trying to keep foods at a safe temperature. Purchasing new equipment might be unrealistic for your budget. You can take advantage of the refrigerated freezers for lease in the North East. Business owners rely on them during equipment breakdown situations.

Storm-Related Power Outages

One powerful thunderstorm can hit your location and disconnect the entire community from the electrical grid. Restoration can sometimes take days. Restaurants, delis, and grocery outlets cannot be without a way to keep refrigerated and frozen items at a specified temperature. You can lease a refrigerated freezer with a generator for the time you need to keep your foods safe until the power gets restored. Save money by avoiding the total loss of your inventory.

Keep Food Items Protected Waiting for Repairs

No matter why you’ve lost refrigeration or freezer capabilities, refrigerated freezers for lease in the North East area will come to your location. You’ll get the space and temperature stability necessary to keep foods edible. Get real peace of mind that your business won’t take the severe financial blow that could have occurred without any backup plans. You can lease for the period you need and then have it picked up when you’re done. It’s an easy and affordable solution.

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