Keep Track of Attendance in an Easy and Accurate Way

Depending on how big your company or organization is, keeping track of attendance can become a major headache. Additionally, not all employees are honest about their own attendance records. What type of system do you have to keep track of attendance? If you just look over a time sheet that really does not tell you much, or possibly point out any type of pattern like when an employee does not go to work or when does an employee enters false attendance records. However, you do have a better option for keeping track of employees’ attendance.

One of the Best Attendance Tracking Solutions

You can get a biometric Time-Attendance solution. What does this mean? You can have a terminal installed at your work place that will record the exact time the employee/user got there. This can be carried out with a Card, PIN, Fingerprint, Palm Vein, Iris or Face Recognition. The device comes with a LCD display, is elegantly designed and has a versatile reader. With the biometric Time-Attendance solution you will be able to keep track of all attendance records. You can be assured that there will be no more friends clocking in for another employee and no falsified time sheets.

The Finer Points of a Time-Attendance Solution

This system can offer a large capacity to store fingerprint templates and events. Report generation, based on various filters, is another major advantage of a Time-Attendance solution. For instance, you can know the exact time each person clocks in, number of days they were absent for, etc. A system that is completely automated is essential for keeping track of employees’ attendance. Such biometric Time-Attendance solutions also have audio-visual indications, making it user-friendly. And it can offer seamless payroll integration for timely and accurate salary payments. Furthermore, it can easily be used within a network of operations or as a standalone. For more information on the Time-Attendance solution, contact Matrix Security Solutions.

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