Jenks, OK Has a More Than “OK” Dental Clinic Taking New Patients

Jenks, OK has a dental clinic. This dental clinic is more than just “OK” (wink!”); it’s great! What’s so great about this DDS dental in Jenks? Well, for one, it’s taking new patients. If you are looking for a new dental clinic in Jenks, maybe this is the one you should try. Here’s some other great things about this DDS dental in Jenks.

State of the Art Equipment

All the latest equipment to help diagnose and treat dental problems is here. It includes panoramic x-rays of your mouth, super-comfortable exam chairs, open concept rooms and tools to make dental procedures as pain-free as possible. The atmosphere is very relaxed, but if you are the type that is really anxious at the dentist’s office, this practice is also able to help calm you. Each dental exam space even includes a large picture window with a lovely and meditation-inducing view to the outside world.

Super-Flexible Appointments and Scheduling

Not everyone is available for appointments from 9-5. The rest of the world is busy during these hours, including you. That’s okay; you can schedule an appointment later in the evening during the week or on Saturdays. Just ask for an appointment at a time that works best for you. The staff and the dentist that owns the practice can fit you in where other dentists might not. If you are ready to see and feel the difference with this dental clinic, contact Elwood Avenue Dental via and fill out their online contact form.

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