Items That Can Cause the Need for Clogged Toilet Repair

Toilet usage varies depending on the needs of the family. While it is the one item in the bathroom that can see the most use, it is also one of the least appealing items to clean. This is especially the case after the toilet has become clogged. These are some of the types of things that can cause a major clog in the toilet.

An excessive amount of toilet paper can result in the need for Clogged Toilet Repair. Despite the fact that is designed for the toilet, too much paper can prevent the waste from draining through the piping. If this toilet paper is accompanied by the cardboard roll, the clog can be very difficult to clean. Since the only real way to clear this clog is to go into the toilet, the job of clearing it is not a sanitary one.

Little toys that get flushed down the toilet are another common cause of clogs. Toys tend to be magnets that create stoppages in the drainage piping of the toilet. There is no remedy to this problem other than to completely remove the toys. If the clog is bad enough, the entire toilet may have to be removed to get rid of the toys. A plunger may not be enough to solve this problem.

It can be tempting to flush used baby wipes down the toilet. However, some types of baby wipes are not so easily flushed. They can get into the system and create blockages. Unlike toilet paper, they aren’t as easy to break down into pieces. They also don’t break down with chemical solutions. Often, the only way to get rid of this is with Clogged Toilet Repair. Like the toys, the toilet may need to be removed to get rid of all of the baby wipes.

While the toilet does have a designated purpose for the family, too many items going into the toilet will cause problems. If these items are clogging the toilet or clogs are happening on a regular basis,

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