Create A Younger Looking You With PRP Facial Rejuvenation In Los Angeles

Slowing down the visible signs of aging is a goal for many people. This is often tied very closely with personal confidence, self-esteem and how people feel about themselves. There is a wide range of options to consider today, including the revolutionary PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles.

Many people are not familiar with PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles because it is still very new. However, it has been used in more than just cosmetic procedures. PRP has been used to help athletes recover, to regenerate hair growth, and for the treatment of arthritis.

The Procedure

For the client, PRP facial rejuvenation a very simple and easy procedure completed in the doctor’s office. It is more involved for the clinic, which is why most clinics will require advanced appointments for the procedure.

The first step in PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles is to draw a small amount of blood from the patient, just like you were having a blood sample for a medical procedure. The amount taken is very small, less than what you would have taken for routine blood work.

The blood is then placed in a centrifuge, which spins the vial at incredible speeds, forcing the heavy platelets in the blood to the bottom. The result in a concentrated platelet solution that can be 3 to 5 times what is found in your normal blood. Keep in mind, only your blood is used and only your platelets will be injected back into the body during PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles.

The Treatment

The final step in PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles is to inject this concentration of platelets, which contain your own growth factors, into problem areas. This allows the body to have the ability to literally heal itself.

In cosmetic procedures, PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles may also be combined with other treatment options as well. Patients may also opt to have derma fillers or other skin rejuvenation treatments to give themselves a more youthful and fresh look while healing continues from the inside out.

Often when clients opt for both PRP facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles and a dermal filler process the result is synergistic. The effects of the derma filler last for longer, and it is also possible for less derma filler to be required for subsequent treatments over time.

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