It Helps to Start Them Young: Puppy Training in Chicago

The easiest way to introduce positive behavioral training and proper socialization in your dog is to get started during puppyhood. It’s easy to write off bad behaviors like barking at people, biting, food aggression, and failure to take commands as cute in puppies, but in no time at all those adorable but ill-behaved pups will be full sized dogs, and problems that seem harmless now will become dangerous for your dog and others later in life.

Like people, dogs find it easiest to learn good habits when they are familiarized with the ideas at a young age. Finding a place to enroll your pup in puppy training in Chicago can vastly improve obedience down the line. A properly trained puppy is much easier to raise into a manageable and well-behaved adult dog.

Many professionals suggest that owners enroll their puppies in obedience classes by no later than 12 weeks of age. Getting them started this young assures that you will have the most possible time to reinforce the good manners they will be learning before they reach adolescence. This happens earlier than most people realize! Puppies lose their baby teeth and begin to enter adolescence starting at around 6 months, and reach maturity at only a year. It is essential to instill appropriate habits and behavioral traits before this age.

Experienced dog trainers know how much work goes into puppy training in Chicago. And the training can’t stop when your pup comes home from school. In order to solidify the associations between good behavior and positive results in a dog’s mind, owners must learn how to manage bad habits and reward good ones at home as well. Maintaining consistency throughout training is essential. Seasoned professionals can teach new owners how to continue the training at home, correcting bad behaviors and rewarding good in a way that a puppy’s young developing mind can grasp.

And if you’ve missed your chance to get them started young, keep in mind that a full-grown dog can still learn a lot from proper training. Contact Chicago Canine Academy for more information about classes for your puppy or dog of any age.

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