Is Your Fire Extinguisher Operational?

While having smoke and fire detectors, a sprinkler system, and fire alarms in place are the most important tools you can have in place in your office space, what is equally as important it is having working fire extinguishers on site. Not only does it provide you and your staff with a quick, portable method of stopping a small fire that is coming to life, but it can negate any damage or downtime to your business that a sprinkler system could cause in the fighting of a larger fire.

How a Fire Extinguisher Helps You

Fire extinguishers, located throughout your entire building, is an important first step to stopping a budding fire. The next and most important why to ensure a fire extinguisher can help you is to make sure it is in proper and working order with regular inspections and testing. A faulty and inoperable extinguisher is useless to you and your employees, furthermore it can be dangerous, should employee grab one to put out a fire only to find that it isn’t working, they are now faced with having risked their own safety with no safe exit from the situation.

By having a technician come to your site to regularly inspect your fire extinguishers, you can make sure they are charged and ready should the unthinkable happen. Not only is inspection important but equally so is making sure your employees know where all extinguishers in the building are located but are also trained on their proper utilization in case of an outbreak.

To learn more about fire extinguisher services in Toronto, to schedule an inspection, or for general information, please go to website. Give your employees and yourself every possible tool available to protect themselves and your business, and make sure you have fire extinguishers on site that are operational.

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