Is Gingivitis a Reason to See an Emergency Dentist in Merchantville?

by | Sep 6, 2014 | Dentist

Two very common oral problems are bleeding and swollen gums. The reason behind this is often found in poor hygiene of the mouth and teeth, which facilitates increased plaque. Bleeding gums is not normal, even though the people affected do not give it much attention. A gum must not bleed excessively or constantly. If they do, and if they are painful, it may be time to see an Emergency Dentist in Merchantville.

The fact that gums bleed reveals a pathology and, if there is an inflammation in the gums, it’s usually associated with the presence of plaque. Superficial inflammation is not a major disease, but it can be the beginning of a much more serious condition called pyorrhea, otherwise known as periodontitis. That pathology itself is important as it means the destruction of tissue that supports the teeth and the symptom remains the same: bleeding gums.

It may happen that you have brushed your teeth too hard. In fact, when a patient visits the dentist complaining that bleeding gums, it’s usually due to inflammation of the gums motivated by bacterial plaque. Swollen gums can be painful but usually it’s not; inflammation in the gums can be maintained without causing pain. Sometimes, certain diseases of the gums may hurt, and these can become acute and chronic infections at some point.

Gingivitis (gum inflammation) is caused by the presence of bacterial plaque in the vicinity of the teeth. Preventing this bacterial plaque is easy by proper cleaning and regular dental visits. Oral hygiene with proper brushing of teeth and gums, and the use of dental floss is vital. Even the use of mouthwash can help out immensely. Early diagnosis in periodic revisions, once a year, with your local emergency dentist service is sufficient to control the diseases of the teeth and gums.

Pathology reviews should be done every 6 months as the likelihood of problems occurring is higher. In some cases, normal brushing can get very good results but electric toothbrushes allow more efficient brushing. There are toothpastes, gels and mouthwashes that have the ability to kill bacteria and reduce the amount of plaque formed. These products help, but do not replace brushing. For more information on this or other dental issues, like Cosmetic Dentistry, contact your local Emergency Dentist in Merchantville.

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