Injury Lawyers Provide Legal Representation After Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro

When trucking accidents in Upper Marlboro occur, serious injuries may be a consequence for individuals in the passenger cars involved. If the trucking company or its insurer is uncooperative and doesn’t want to pay a reasonable settlement, the injured person may need to hire an accident lawyer for legal representation. This person becomes the plaintiff in settlement negotiations or in litigation that proceeds to trial.

Truck Drivers

After trucking accidents in Upper Marlboro, lawyers generally focus on the company and not the individual driver. Although drivers commonly travel when they are too fatigued, they typically feel strongly pressured to do so by the employer. They may also travel faster than they should. Especially with smaller companies trying to make headway among stiff competition, drivers may sense an unspoken threat of job loss if they don’t try to meet unrealistic expectations for pickup and delivery times.


A settlement negotiated by an organization such as the Jaklitsch Law Group does not only include payment for medical expenses; it also covers lost wages while the person cannot work. It pays for property damage to the vehicle. The settlement should pay for adaptive equipment, transportation costs to appointments, and necessary services like childcare and housekeeping service. Depending on the circumstances, the lawyer may request compensation for physical pain and suffering as well as for emotional trauma.

These types of collisions can be life-changing with permanent effects, whether physical, psychological or both. Lawyers work to make sure clients receive the high compensation they deserve. That means waiting until maximum medical improvement has been verified by a doctor, which could be many months after the accident. Although the individual may need money now, accepting a settlement too early can have negative financial consequences.

Initial Consultations

Personal injury lawyers usually provide free initial consultations, during which the injured man or woman can explain details of the situation and ask questions. If the insurance company says the injured person was partially at fault, what can be done? How long does it commonly take to negotiate a settlement? What are the chances that the lawyer will need to file suit and go to court? These are just a few examples of possible questions.

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