How a Tree Service in Fairfield, Connecticut Helps Customers Prevent Winter Damage

Before winter approaches, technicians providing Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut would like property owners to know how to prevent injuries to trees over the cold season and how to care for trees that do suffer some type of damage. Extreme conditions in the winter can be destructive to trees because of heavy snow, ice, and wind. A spell of freezing temperatures that occur during a period of warmer weather also can wreak havoc in the yard.

Strategic Trimming

If any branches appear somewhat unstable and should be trimmed by a Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut, the work must be done before late summer. Pruning branches can stimulate new growth, which is not desirable during autumn and winter. Oak trees should only be pruned during the winter because they are at risk of disease spreading during other times of the year.

Pruning during optimum times can prevent branch breakage that commonly associated with ice storms and rain freezing onto branches. Although the silver glittering in the sun can look quite lovely, the heavy load of ice is dangerous to trees. Some trees are so seriously damaged by these weather events that they have to be removed.

Necessary Felling

Any trees that appear to have interior decay or show evidence of precarious stability, in general, may need to be felled to prevent damage to structures on the property or a neighbor’s land. The tree might be vulnerable to falling onto a house, garage, shed or fence.

Evaluating Problems

In spring after leaves start growing, the property owners can check for brown patches that indicate some winter injury occurred. This is most likely when trees have already started to bud, and then a hard freeze occurs. Tree service technicians with a company like Northeast Horticultural Services can evaluate the condition of the trees and trim back the damaged areas to help the tree maintain its strength.

Several methods can prevent the destructive effects of winter from taking a serious toll on residential property trees. Anyone who wants to have their trees evaluated by technicians with an organization such as Northeast Horticultural Services might start with the website

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