Industrial Control Panel Fabrication: Keeping Controls Safe And Secure

If you install control circuits and use them alone or combine them with power circuits, it is essential they are protected. For water, sewage, and electrical controls, the best means of ensuring they can function uninterrupted by external elemental forces is to provide them with a cover. Industrial control panel fabrication companies can provide this measure of security.

Industrial Control Panel Equipment and Design

Industrial control panels provide safe and secure housing for a variety of circuits. The design is essentially an enclosure fabricated to hold the controls. Generally, industrial control panels must be able to address circuits operating at no more than 600 volts. In essence, industrial control panels function as junction boxes. All such control panels must:

• Adhere to and comply with strict guidelines formulated by the National Electric Code (NEC) and other codes. These include the following:

◦ Environmental Rating
◦ Grounding
◦ Maintenance
◦ Overcurrent protection
◦ Short circuit current rating
◦ Sizing
◦ Supply conductors
◦ Workmanship

• Attain high-quality standards

• Produced following close consultation with invested parties e.g., customer, software manufacturers, and hardware suppliers

Industrial Panels: Types and Customization

A wide range of control panels is available for industries including those that are explosion-proof, servo control panels, process piping panels, and pneumatic panels. However, it is not uncommon for many industries to require something that is unique or very specific to their needs. As a result, some companies may request customized control panel fabrication. Such specialized demands may come from a variety of industries including:

• Food processing
• Foundries
• Motor control centers
• Pharmaceuticals
• Water and sewage

Industry Control Panel Fabrication

Control panels act as a means of protecting and preserving the wires and control mechanisms. They implement a proper method of keeping the wires and voltages separate and secure to ensure safe operation, prevent worker injuries, and decrease the risk equipment malfunction. It is essential, therefore, to work only with skilled, reliable, and knowledgeable control panel fabrication companies.

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