An Introduction To Murzan Pumps

There are some companies that specialize in providing parts and components to one industry. An excellent example of this business model is found in Murzan, a specialized company that builds pumps and systems for sanitary process applications.

Mason is an American company which has been designing and manufacturing Murzan sanitary pumps since 1983. They are located in Norcross, Georgia, and manufacture all their equipment to meet USDA, FDA, 3A, CE, EHEDG, and Ex standards.

Benefits to Consider

With a top reputation, this relatively new company provides a complete line of Murzan pumps that are ideal for use in small to large operations. The line of pumps is designed to be portable, with many mounted on frames that offer wheels for easy movement.

With a minimal footprint, the full line of Murzan pumps is built to last. The pumps are easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning and inspection, and they are also straightforward to repair as they are designed with minimal parts that are likely to wear even with sustained use.

The company offers a diaphragm pump in both a standard and a small chamber size, as well as a large chamber option. Each of these pumps provides optimal performance for use with different types of systems and media. The company even offers a CBTU or chicken breast transfer unit, the only pump that is on the market specifically built for the movement of poultry products through the system.

All of the Murzan pumps are built of T304 or T316 stainless steel, and they use a unique tri-clamp connector to secure the wetted parts of the pump, but also allow for quick and easy disassembly and reassembly without the need for any additional tools.

In addition to just offering sanitary pumps, the company also provides full unloading systems. This includes the double diaphragm pump as well as the full system for fully automated unloading of bulk sanitary containers.

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