Important Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney Charleston SC

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Attorney

Going through a divorce, whether mutually agreed upon or not, is never a pleasant experience. If an attorney is involved in the process there are certain questions that must be asked of your Divorce Attorney in Charleston SC. Being prepared beforehand can make the process a little smoother and a little less painful. It can also help protect you from any cunning tricks the other party may have up their sleeves.


It is important to get an experienced attorney on your side from the get go. This is important because you case depends on the skills and tact of your attorney. When dealing with money, property, or custody of children, you must make sure you have someone who has done and won a large number of divorce cases. You do not want someone fresh out of school or someone who has never won a case handling this important and potentially life-altering action. Always ask what kind of experience your lawyer has.


Find out how tech savvy your attorney is. Can they communicate in ways other than face to face office visits and phone calls? Can they email files and documents and do web calls and voice conferences online? Are they able to work with PDF files and setup auto replies for verification of emails sent and received? This is a digital age and we have busy lives. Having a divorce attorney who is up with the times is a great asset.


While it is nearly impossible to predict the final cost of the proceedings and fees incurred, a good attorney can give you a ballpark idea of costs. There is a lot that is out of anyone’s control and lies heavily with your spouse and their lawyer, so be understanding if your attorney is reluctant to give you an exact amount. At the very least, a good attorney will be open and honest on these issues and will also keep you up to date throughout the proceedings so as not to surprise you with sudden fees and charges.


Most attorneys will have a wide range of resources available. This will be beneficial to you both throughout the proceedings. Do they offer handouts and guides to help you understand the process? Are they willing to answer your questions and remain patient and understanding? These are signs of a good divorce attorney.

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