How To Determine If You Need To See A Tampa, FL, Medical Marijuana Doctor

There are many misunderstandings about the use of medical marijuana in Tampa, FL, and throughout the state. One of the biggest misunderstandings is that any doctor can make a recommendation for medical marijuana.

The Doctor Dilemma

Many primary care physicians and specialists have limited knowledge or training in the use of medical marijuana. These doctors, while very accomplished in their areas of patient care and medicine, often do not make patients aware of the potential for the use of medical marijuana to treat their medical or psychological condition.

In Florida and throughout all states with legalized medical marijuana, only a medical marijuana doctor can recommend medical marijuana. These medical marijuana doctors complete additional training to become approved by the state to make the recommendation for the use of medical cannabis by a patient.

Traditional Treatments are Not Working

Patients in Tampa, FL, who are not experiencing improvement in their qualifying medical or psychological condition using traditional prescription drugs, therapeutic options, or doctor-recommended treatments can book an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. There is no need for a recommendation from a primary care physician or specialist, and the patient can apply online to see if they qualify.

The patient will complete a pre-qualification screening online and then book an appointment. The patient must also provide medical records in advance of the appointment. The medical marijuana doctor reviews the records, discusses treatment options with the patient, and then makes the recommendation to the registry.

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