How Would You Describe the Stages of Electronic Product Design?

You will know that an electronic product doesn’t appear like magic. There are many stages of design and development before moving into electronics manufacturing services. Although the stages vary from company to company, here is the basic chain of events.

Understanding the Overall Requirements

There are many awesome ideas just hanging out there waiting for an individual or group of like-minded colleagues to consider how their thoughts can turn into a real product. The beginning commences with identifying the need for the product that can be carried through the varying stages of electronics manufacturing until it is ready for the marketplace.

At the point of concept, you will be thinking through the entire set of methods required to move the idea onto the next stage. Researching your ideas will help you recognize the types of technology that may be required to produce the final product. You will also be checking that your idea doesn’t already exist somewhere else.

The result will be an extremely detailed set of specifications that a circuit designer can work with. They will produce a schematic diagram, using CAD software. They will also provide a list of all the parts required, with each costed so that the final charge is known to produce and develop the product.

Housing Your Circuit Board

The circuit board will need to sit inside an enclosure and unless this already exists it must be designed. At this stage, you will need to understand how it can be connected, controlled and any information displayed, before the product, the circuit board, can be housed.

A prototype, which is a trial of the production model will be built and tested. Depending upon the bugs, success and failure rates, the design will be reviewed and retested until it works perfectly according to the original specification requirements.

Now you are entering the manufacturing stage. Electronics manufacturing services is an art as each model must be perfect as it leaves the assembly line. This must be complete with a full set of documentation and any compliance information for where the product is both manufactured and will be sold.

For any electronic product design, the full costings for the manufacture must be clear so that the end producer can understand whether the model can be built for a price that is feasible in the marketplace. Upgrading or degrading of certain parts will vary the final price, but it is the end consumer who will decide whether it is worth paying for.

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