How to Stretch Going Green for Your Corporate Catering

Designing a collection of words that form the mission and vision of your organization is just one stage of proving that your company or non-profit is determined to show and prove its green credentials and care for the environment. By agreeing with your contract food service provider to offer healthy and nutritious meals to employees and guests, you extend your forward thinking.

You Will Consider Sustainability

When you work closely with your contract food service provider, you will consider your cutlery, napkins, crockery and tables and chairs to ensure that your corporate cafeteria thinks and acts green.

There are two areas that you need to consider for sustainability. Initially, you will discuss your hopes and wishes with your employees so that everyone can buy into the need for environmental protection within your corporate cafeteria. This must be an ongoing exercise and helps you choose food, beverages and all the equipment required, thinking about the environment throughout.

The second area of contemplation will be how you can sustain the ideals and vision for your corporate catering beyond the next year and the years to follow.

Your contract food service provider must be able to understand how food waste can be reduced to a minimum. By educating your employees and visitors, more individuals will understand the food they’re eating and how far it has traveled from local farms and markets, rather than across the globe.

Where you can promote social responsibility, employees will be educated on the types of foods that are good for their health and provide for all of their nutritional and energy requirements during their working day. They will be able to carry these thoughts home to their families and friends to extend the instructive process.

Where an idea becomes a habit, individuals are more likely to choose the green and environmentally friendly option. They will embrace the ideas of not wasting food, not using unnecessary packaging and thinking more about the content and nutritional value of their menu items.

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