Get Fast & Accurate Oxygen Measurements with a Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Business

Since oxygen is always attracted to a strong magnetic field, it stands to reason that paramagnetism is utilized to obtain accurate and fast oxygen measurements. That’s why paramagnetic oxygen analyzers are used in many different fields. They have a very low span drift depending on the application. The sensor can operate for many years without calibration, as well. A non-depleting sensor on a paramagnetic oxygen analyzer can provide many years of trouble-free operation. With the appropriate conditions, it will be able to measure oxygen for many different processes and applications. Top manufacturers like Bhoomi can help you choose the right oxygen analyzer for your specific use. There dedicated staff and customer support are always available.

A New Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer Is Worth the Investment

It stands to reason that you need the right tools and equipment to successfully finish a project. The same holds true for oxygen measurement applications. You need to be able to provide stable readings with a sensor that has a long life so that it is a worthy investment. Did you know the oxygen is considered to be one of the few gases that have a strong paramagnetic property? Oxygen molecules are drawn to an inhomogeneous magnetic field within the measuring cell inside and oxygen analyzer. This is part of how an analyzer works and provide you with all the precise information you need. It also allows you to use the analyzer for continuous monitoring purposes.

Take Advantage of Using a Top Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Learn more about us and the features of top an oxygen analyzers that are paramagnetic when you visit our site. All of the specs for analyzers are listed for easy reference. We have the perfect analyzers for enclosures and panel mounts, rack mounts and wall mounting.

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