How to Quickly Fix a Leaking Pipe to Prevent Major Water Damage

Water, as beneficial as it is, can have devastating effects when it comes into contact with the wrong items. It’s crucial, then, that should a leak occur in your home, you’re able to fix the leak, at least temporarily, until you can receive professional plumbing repair in Silver Spring, MD. Here are a few temporary ways to address the issue of a leaking pipe before the professionals can get there to do a permanent fix.

Before You Begin: Know the Flow
Before completing any plumbing repairs on your own, it’s important to stop the water at its source. This preparation will help prevent further leaks while you complete your repairs, and it will ensure you can create a dry surface on which to place the repair materials.

That’s why it’s so important to understand where all the water cut-off valves are located throughout your home. These include localized valves that stop the water for an individual pipe up to the main water shut-off valve that will prevent any water from entering your home.

Pipe Wraps
These are a simple and quick fix that can stop most normal-sized leaks. Pipe wraps are placed over the location of the leak and then molded to fit the pipe. Once applied, the compounds in the wrap will harden around the pipe, adhering to its surface. This provides a quick, easy, and waterproof way to fix leaks on the main length of a pipe, especially if that pipe is an unusual shape.

Repair Sleeves
Just as the name suggests, these devices are small sleeves that wrap around your pipe and are then tightened using a hose clamp to apply pressure to the leaking pipe. For small leaks, this pressure, when applied, is enough to constrict the pipe, pushing the material around the perimeter of the leak site closer together, restricting the flow of water from the hole. Though effective, these devices should certainly be considered a temporary fix.

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