How To Pick The Right Bankruptcy Trustee In New Brunswick

Going bankrupt isn’t an easy process, and it’s not easy to decide if it’s right for you. However, when you’ve made your decision, you’ll need a bankruptcy trustee in New Brunswick to help you through the process. All trustees must be licensed by Canada’s Federal Government, which means they’ve had the training and practical experience needed to practice law and have a license.


While it was just mentioned that all trustees have to be licensed, it’s still important to ask them. For example, some companies are debt consultants that advertise information or work with a bankruptcy trustee in New Brunswick. You can choose to use them, but make sure you deal with the licensed individual and not the unlicensed consultant.

Information Needed

You should always request an initial consultation, which may or may not be free. During this process, you should bring information necessary, including monthly income, assets, and debts. You can also ask them what other information is needed. However, if the firm you choose doesn’t ask for anything, it may not be a productive meeting.

When To Meet

Primarily, you should meet with your bankruptcy trustee in New Brunswick before signing paperwork. Many law firms use someone else to handle all the information and meet with trustees before the contract is signed. However, choose someone that will go through the entire process with you.

Likewise, you should be able to call your assigned person at any time during the proceedings with questions and updates.

Get Back On Track

Going bankrupt isn’t the end of your life, but many trustees have no options or solutions to keep you from going down the same path again. Make sure you have at least one credit counseling session and have access to additional resources, which will help you remain on a path of financial success. Visit Powell Associates Ltd.


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