Your First Meeting With A Tacoma, WA, Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are many emotions and issues that are often wrapped up in bankruptcy for anyone in Tacoma, WA. Often people are aware of the inability to meet financial obligations, but they struggle and try to avoid the issue, putting off the inevitable. In some cases, people are also struggling with issues that seem insurmountable such as medical bills, divorce, loss of a job or a combination of factors.

By meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, you can have a clear picture of your options. There may be other outcomes to consider than bankruptcy, with an attorney able to evaluate if your case would be eligible for bankruptcy as a way to eliminate debt and get back on your feet.

The First Meeting

It is essential to choose an attorney that specializes in bankruptcy as one of the practice areas of the firm. Additionally, look for a lawyer that offers an initial case consultation at no cost. This will allow you to get information and to assess your comfort level with the attorney without any fees being incurred with the initial meeting.

The first-time meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer is an introduction. Most law firms will have online information about what to bring or what to complete before the first meeting. This is relatively simple information about family income, debts, expenses, credit cards, loans and items you own that are of significant value.

In some cases, the Tacoma, WA, attorney may also want to have tax statements, bank records and any information you may have from any creditors about any action they are taking or are threatening to take.

Be open and honest with the attorney. He or she is not there to judge; rather they are the professionals that will determine if you can qualify for bankruptcy, which type of bankruptcy is the best option and if you have other avenues to find debt relief outside of bankruptcy.

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