How To Make and Use Instant Snow Powder

When you want snow, and there is none outside, you have to make your own. This can be done by simply mixing water and instant snow powder. You can ensure that the snow not only looks like the real thing, but you can make as much, or as little, as you need for whatever the occasion. Never have to worry about what you might be able to do when the kids want to play in snow. Make your own, even in the house, and have a blast.

How Does it Work?

Instant snow powder is created by adding water to a super absorbent polymer. It actually can take in 50-100 times it’s size in water! It is non-toxic and safe too. All out the packets are sold by the amount of fake snow it can produce.

What Can it Be Used For?

When you want instant snow powder, it’s easy and available to order online. This can be great for birthday parties that you want to make a bit different, or for other occasions when you just want to have a whiteout. You can use the instant snow powder outside, or even inside the home. It provides a way to have fun, without having to freeze. Just be careful, it’s as slippery as real snow!

You might choose to use instant snow powder for many different reasons. With high quality snow, you cannot go wrong, and you’ll always have something to do. Have fun checking out the different types of fake snow, and the many products and accessories that come with it. Your kids will be happy, and you might even start playing in it too!

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