Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Digital marketing trends are thrilling to watch due to the industry being very fast-paced. According to our Sales Marketing Training consultants, 2016 is going to be the year display advertising spending exceeds search advertising spending, mobile spending is almost two times as high as desktop spending and video is going to account for almost 1/3 of the total advertising spend in the U.S. alone.

Estimates such as those won’t just impact the digital marketing industry in the near future yet already are changing which career paths and advertising formats are obtainable to digital marketing experts. Here are 4 trends which are going to continue to dominate in 2016.

Native ads

There are many ways that websites may produce revenue via ads. Right now, one big digital marketing trend is custom-made advertisements which appear as part of a site’s standard content.

Unlike banner advertisements which don’t match the function or design of the site, native advertisements are made to flawlessly integrate. Native advertisements have a substantial impact on a user experience, especially single-sponsor campaigns where the advertiser purchases up all of the ad space on a website for a specific period of time. As this concept isn’t new, it’s now more controversial than ever.

Digital directors

A few years back, companies began to create positions for social media marketing managers. Most of those positions work underneath senior product managers or marketing directors. Particularly as more millennials continually enter the workforce, skills in social media are not a plus; they are expected.

In-house freelancers

According to our Sales Marketing Training consultants, traditionally, big brands typically have made an either/or determination between employing an in-house staff and outsourcing entirely. Companies now are more interested in a hybrid approach, where workers from an agency arrive on a part-time basis, or its freelancers are employed to work as a portion of their in-house staff.

Lead advertisements

Facebook’s lead advertisements permit individuals to easily sign up for content which includes contests, newsletters, and deals on desktop and mobile. Since the launch of lead advertisements in 2015, the new advertising format revolutionized lead generation and now is one of the most practical tools available. Mainly, it’s because Facebook completely skipped landing pages. Instead, customers may request to obtain more content from a brand without leaving the social platform.

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