How to Find a 222972 Magazine Rack in New Jersey

Looking into storage solutions for your gun safe or gun room? If there is an AR-15 in the collection, storing ammo for it has probably been a challenge. Magazines may be the perfect way to get ammo into the AR-15, but they can present storage challenges. On their own, they do not stack neatly, but in unstable stacks that are prone to toppling. A great solution a magazine rack, and an affordable option is the 222972 magazine rack in New Jersey.

What Is a Magazine?

While magazines may bring up images from the newsstand for most people, gun enthusiasts know that magazines are components that store ammunition for certain types of guns. One popular gun that uses magazines is the AR-15. The magazines for the AR-15 are usually designed to hold between 10 and 30 rounds of ammo and may be made of metal or a polymer.

How to Store Gun Magazines

There are several storage options for gun magazines. There is also a debate about how to properly store magazines. Some people believe that storing magazines fully loaded for long periods can wear out the springs in the magazine, possibly leading to weapon failure. Other people believe that the cycling involved with loading and unloading is more likely to lead to spring failure in a magazine than simply storing it fully loaded.

The 222972 Magazine Rack

The 222972 magazine rack, which is designed to hold ammo for the AR-15, holds magazines that are empty, partially loaded, or fully loaded. It is composed of vinyl-coated steel that can hold up to 10 fully-loaded magazines with up to 30 rounds per magazine. It can stand upright on smooth surfaces or be mounted to walls or doors as a space-saving storage option. The vinyl coating means that it is safe for your components and will not scratch metal or polymer magazines.

Optimize Storage

A magazine rack is a great way to optimize storage for a gun room or gun safe, making it easy to access ammo if it is needed. The at-a-glance storage helps identify if any magazines are missing from a collection, and can be used to help create rotating storage for those who think that some magazines should be partially loaded for storage. Contact us to find out more about the 222972 Magazine Rack in New Jersey.

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