How to Determine If You Need Help from Tree Removal Experts in Dunwoody, GA

Trees bring beauty and shade to virtually any property whether they proudly display lush, green leaves or exhibit vibrant flowers. Fruit-bearing varieties even help pave the way for wonderful snacks and homemade treats. As long as they’re healthy and strategically placed, they can provide an effective shield against the rest of the world and potentially aid in lowering heating and cooling costs. In some cases, though, they don’t thrive quite as well as they should. While some ailing trees can be nursed back to health, certain signs may point to the need for Tree Removal Experts in Dunwoody GA.

Fungus Growth

Nature has a strange way of creating beauty through potentially harmful situations, and fungi growing on trees certainly fits this scenario. When a tree is damaged or infected with pathogens, mushrooms often begin to grow in the affected area. From there, it can cause further destruction and spread to other trees nearby. If you notice mushrooms growing on a tree on your property, it may need to be cut down and taken away.

Bark Loss

Trees sometimes shed their old bark to make way for new growth, and this is completely normal. In some cases, though, bark falling off a tree could be a sign of disease or insect infestation. If you see bare spots on your trees and notice chunks of bark lying on the ground around them, it may be time to call in the Tree Removal Experts in Dunwoody GA.

Cracks or Gaps

Check your trees for cracks in their trunks or branches. Though small, random cracks may not be anything to worry about, larger ones may mean the tree is dying. Also look for holes in the trunks as this is a symptom of extensive decay. Along those same lines, multiple bare or broken branches in the tops of the trees could also be a sign of failing health.

Trees can’t audibly tell you when they’re not well, and they don’t exactly turn pale or change their behavior when they’re ailing the way people sometimes do. Still, they generally offer certain warning signs when they’re not as healthy as they should be. If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your trees or feel a problem may be developing, contact TreeDog Atlanta Services LLC for help.

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