How to Choose Your New Favorite Glasses Frames

Choosing new glasses frames can be a very exciting prospect – and also a very stressful one if you don’t know how to shop for them. Here is your go-to guide for choosing the perfect frames.

Face Shape

One of the major contributing factors to choosing attractive glasses frames is knowing what face shape you have – and which frames suit that shape best.

  • Round faces: Downplay the width of your face with square-shaped frames that are wider than your face.
  • Oval faces: This face shape is naturally symmetrical and will allow for many options in terms of frame shape – except perhaps for overly-large frames or distractingly-bold colors and styles.
  • Square faces: Look for softer, circular frames or those without rims to lessen the severity of your face’s angles. This is especially helpful if you’re going for a feminine, understated look.
  • Heart-shaped faces: Most shapes and styles will suit this face shape, but those with decorative additions atop the frames or at the temples should be avoided.


Another important thing to consider when choosing new glasses is what styles of frames are in fashion at the moment. While this may not be of major importance to some, others might truly worry that their look might age or date them in an unflattering way. To prevent this, simply browse some fashion blogs or flip through some magazines at your optometrist’s or provider’s office; you’ll know right away what frames are in style and which ones are so ten years ago.

Personal Style

Of course, the biggest influencing factor in your decision to bring a pair of glasses frames home should be your own personal style. Maybe the frames you like best aren’t the most popular pair, and maybe they aren’t what’s recommended for your face shape. But you have to remember, you’ll be wearing these frames often – probably every day. So, choose frames you love. Dress them up, personalize, or decorate them. Even if they’re not something trendy, you’ll love the way you look – and the way you see!

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