What to Expect With Eye Exams in Dearborn

There are a couple of different reasons that you might need to have eye exam in Dearborn. Perhaps your vision is suddenly changing. For example, you can’t see anything in the distance anymore unless you squint hard. Maybe you already have glasses, and you are noticing that they are not providing the same degree of correction that they once did. You may also be having a physical problem with your eyes, for example, persistent red eyes or constantly watering eyes. No matter what your issue, a local eye doctor can usually help. Here is what you can expect during your upcoming Eye Exam in Dearborn.

Give Up The Glasses or Contact Lenses

The first thing that your eye doctor will usually ask you to do is to remove any current lenses you may be wearing. This will allow them to examine your eyes without any obstructions and can help the eye doctor identify any problems you are having with your eyes. After the eye doctor has closely examined your eyes, you may be asked to put your lenses on again so that they can evaluate how well the current lenses are working for you.

Try a New Prescription

Next, the eye doctor will have you remove any existing lenses once again. After that, the room will be darkened so that you can try to read letters and numbers projected onto the wall. You won’t be trying to read these letters and numbers in the eye test with no help, however. The eye doctor will try different prescription strengths on your eyes to see how well they work. During this process, the eye doctor will often ask you to compare two different lenses, asking which one helps you see more clearly. This process can last anywhere from a few minutes up to half an hour. Upon completion, you will know your new glass or contact lenses prescription.

Choosing New Lenses

Once you know your new prescription, you will be asked to select any options that may exist. For example, with contact lenses you may have the option of choosing colored lenses, daily lenses, or even bifocal lenses. Your eye doctor can help guide you as to which type of glasses or contact lenses will fit your lifestyle best.

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