How to Choose the Right Floor Scale

While the basics of a floor scale are always the same (they measure weight), they come in many variants fine-tuned for very specific tasks. This is a byproduct of the simple fact that it isn’t easy to build a scale that can perfectly measure the weight of an object – and since there are so many different shapes and sizes of objects, different scales have to be built.
Accuracy is important when choosing a scale, especially for industrial purposes – you don’t just want a generalized scale that measures semi-accurately, you want one built for your most common cargo or good.
That’s why a scale-buying guide is important, so you can ensure that you’re choosing the right option when buying floor scales from a reputable company like Hardy Solutions.

Price and Quality

The first few considerations when making purchase rely on the factors of price versus quality. You’ll want a product that gets the job done safely and accurately without paying the highest price on the market – and you have to consider factors such as shipping costs, any customs costs you may have to make, and what extra charges local distributors may charge if you’re not buying abroad.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance needs are significant. A floor scale will have to be recalibrated and cleaned thoroughly regularly to avoid improper readings and other irregularities – but not all floor scales require the same amount of care. Calibration is especially important as per Lab Manager, speaking of all scales. This is critical because even just moving areas can affect a scale in miniscule ways, as gravity is not equal all throughout the earth.

When staying in one spot, however, scales will still need to be recalibrated depending on usage – the more a scale is used, the more often it needs to be checked as per Hastac.


Some floor scales are perfect for your needs and mobile, others are less perfect but easy-to-move, and then there are those that are installed, stationary, and just what you need.
The final consideration is always the reputation any scale manufacturer has regarding their product. Online reviews and forum discussions are a great way to gauge what the rest of the industry prefers, and why – and can immensely help in narrowing down your choices.

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