6 Pointers to Picture-Perfect Clown Makeup

If you’ve set your heart on going as a clown to the party, here are a few tips to help you pull that look off:

Know the different types

Applying any kind of makeup starts by knowing what kind of clown you want to be. Are you a character clown, Auguste clown, Pierrot clown or whiteface clown? Do your research to make sure you capture the look perfectly.

Shop for the right makeup

Love to Know says there are two types of clown makeup you can choose from: basic face paint or professional theatrical greasepaint. If you want longer lasting face paint, it’s best to go for professional theatrical makeup since this will suit your needs better.

Assess your features

Look at your features. Determine which ones you want to emphasize, embellish or downplay. If you’ve got a deft hand with cosmetics, you’ll always find it easy to use makeup to change your appearance.

Practice. A lot.

You won’t get it right the first time. So practice and experiment. With enough time and patience, you’ll get the hang of it much, much sooner rather than later. You can also do it on paper first to help you get a gauge on how you’re going to go about it. This helps iron out any possible problems like the wrong shade or makeup that’s incompatible with your skin.

Do a dress rehearsal

If you’re going to perform or go to a party, apply the makeup and give it a dress rehearsal. If you’re going to be wearing the makeup for a number of hours, do a performance run-through. See if the clown makeup holds up so you know when you need to touch up.

Add something extra

Props help you get in character. So find a red ball nose, or add a teardrop or star on your cheek. Little touches like these make a huge difference.

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