How To Choose Hydraulic Hoses in Joliet Illinois

When working with any type of hydraulic system, it is essential that the proper hose be chosen. This may be foreign territory to some however so here are some tips on how to choose the best Hydraulic Hoses in Joliet Illinois.

•First, the size of the hose must be determined. This is best done by using precision-quality calipers to measure both the inside and the outside of the hose diameters. The outer diameter is especially important if hose clamps are being used or if the hose is going through a bulkhead. If a hose is being replaced, the new hose must be cut at exactly the same length as the original hose. This is because there may be moving parts that could pinch the hose if it is cut too long. Conversely, if the hose is too short, it may be subject to adverse contracting or stretching that will have ill effects on the lifespan of the hose.

•Ascertain the temperature of the liquid that will be flowing through the hose. All Hydraulic Hoses in Joliet Illinois are rated at working temperatures of between 200 degrees to 300 degrees F. Also, the proper viscosity of hydraulic oil that will hold up under this rated temperature needs to be used. This is because long-term exposure to high temperatures without using the proper oil can prove to be detrimental to the hose and can lead to loss of flexibility and a shortened lifespan. It can also lead to rupturing in extreme cases.

•The maximum working pressure of the hose should always be greater than the maximum system pressure. Pressure spikes also need to be taken into consideration so consult all manufacturer manuals that pertain to the system in question. Failure to be able to handle the system pressure can cause loss of life to the hose and possibly catastrophic failure to the system depending on the placement of the hose.

For more answers to questions about hydraulic hoses and proper operation, consult a company with the needed experience such as Miller Hydraulic Service Inc. Their service staff will be able to answer any questions that may be posed and save you from making the wrong choice.

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