Getting Ready for the Movers

If you decided to hire professional movers in Akron Ohio, you have made a smart decision. These people are there to remove a great deal of the stress and hard work of relocating. However, a little preparation will help to eliminate many common problems associated with moving and these tips are here to help.

Communication is Vital

Make sure to place everything you don’t want packed, in one area of the house. You’ll want to place some kind of sign there too. This ensures you have the things you plan to bring with you available. This way, there will be no confusion or misunderstandings with your movers in Akron Ohio.

Take the Day Off

You should be there all day long to make sure everything is done to your wishes and specifications. If you leave early, you may not be aware of certain problems. Also, by taking off the entire day, you can alleviate some of the stress associated with moving.

Don’t Forget the Kids

Kids get bored easily so you’ll want to keep things at the house to make sure they stay busy. Leave out a laptop or tablet pc so the kids can watch their favorite videos. Keep a few toys on hand and let the kids play in the back yard when possible.

Take Inventory

You should go through the house and note everything there (including the condition). The easiest way is to make a video inside the house. This will document all your possessions and simplify the process of filing a damage claim with your movers in Akron Ohio (if necessary).

Measure Doorways and Entryways

To make sure you’ll have no problems, measure large furniture, appliances and the doorways they will be moved through. You may have to remove doors in some cases and it’s best to have this done before your movers in Akron Ohio arrive.

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