How to Choose Efficient and Effective Exercise Programs

Whether you are stepping into a fitness class for the first time, or are already a seasoned member of a gym, you want to be sure that what you do is done both effectively and efficiently. Just showing up at the gym may be a battle some days, but so is training in the smartest possible way. Today we’ll look at a few tips to help you invest in your fitness in Berkeley Township, NJ.

Have a Plan

Simply walking into your favorite fitness center with a plan in mind will greatly improve your efficiency. If you are wandering around not sure where to start, you’ll waste precious time. It will also cause your heart rate to drop in between exercises, which is also a problem. Walk in with the knowledge of what you plan to do, where you’ll do it, and in what order it will be done.

Use Compound Movements

When we speak about compound exercises, this means that two or more muscle groups or joints are being worked at the same time. These exercises are optimal for increasing muscle and burning a higher number of calories. We recommend that you spend most of your time doing compound movements. Consider making 75% of your fitness in Berkeley Township, NJ, compound and the rest should be focused on specific muscles.

Keep an Exercise Journal

Spending a bit of time to track your workouts can ensure you consistently challenge yourself. You can pick up an app or use a regular notebook and write down what you did each day. The next time you go into those exercises, you can increase the difficulty in some manner. This will keep you climbing while also allowing you a picture of how you’ve improved.

Turn Off the Phone

There’s nothing less efficient than typing away on your phone when you should be running or cycling. To get rid of the temptation, turn off your phone when you step in the door. If you still want to use the tunes on your phone, switch to airplane mode, instead. Paying attention to what you’re doing while at the gym is sure to add to your efficiency and effectiveness.

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