How to Choose Between Different Cremation Services in Everett, WA

The loss of a loved one often precipitates trying times. Making final arrangements during this time of extreme emotional distress may seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be impossible. If the deceased has specified in their will or to others that they would prefer Cremation Services In Everett Wa, it makes choosing between cremation and traditional burial much easier. Additionally it is typically less expensive, and allows those interested in inurning their loved ones permanently to keep their remains close at home.

When choosing cremation, there are a few further options that should be kept in mind. Cremation Services In Everett Wa are not all the same. Below is a brief description of several of the more popular services available.

Direct or Simple Cremation

Direct cremation does not involve viewing or services. It is the simplest option, and it may be appropriate for those who have not left behind a large group of friends and loved ones who may prefer a traditional funeral. Remember, a memorial service doesn’t have to be formally organized. Many smaller families opt to simply host a small gathering to celebrate their loved one’s life and mourn their death privately.

Cremation With Memorial Service

Just because the deceased is going to be cremated instead of traditionally buried, that doesn’t mean that funeral services cannot still be arranged through a funeral home. Some providers of cremation services also offer space to hold these events in the same facility.

Viewing and Cremation

A viewing, more traditionally known as a wake, gives loved ones left to grieve a chance to say good-bye to the deceased. The cremation can then follow, as a traditional interment would. It’s important to note that this will incur additional costs and require additional arrangements be made for transportation.

Viewing, Cremation or Funeral, and Memorial

The tradition surrounding wakes and funeral services can make them more important to some families than to others. For those who want to incorporate some of the elements of a traditional funeral, this option may be best. It is possible to hold a full funeral services prior to cremating the body as well. It’s important to take the needs and opinions of others left behind to grieve into account in addition to thinking about cost when deciding between these options, and to find a cremation service that can meet those needs.

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