Things to Consider in Renting a Party Photo Booth

“Hmmm…what else is missing? Oh, a party photo booth!” you might think. Well, you can’t be blamed. Photo booths are very popular in parties nowadays. Whether for birthdays, weddings, and more, photo booths are a great way to make the party memorable. However, before renting one, you must consider some things to make sure that what you paid for is worth it.


When you are planning a big event such as a wedding, special anniversary, birthday, or even a corporate event, it is often difficult to find the money for everything. This is the time you must learn to prioritize what is really going to be important and what is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Renting a party photo booth can add an extra special bit of fun to your event that allows everyone a chance to take home a personal memento, that they will actually keep, unlike a napkin printed with the date of the event.

Party Photo Booth Size

While it is nice to have a big photo booth so that it can hold many people who would experience the fun all at the same, you should consider the space that it would consume in your party venue. The photo booth is just a small part of the party, don’t let it interfere with the true highlight of it.

Photo and Options

It’s also important that you are mindful of the photo size that your photo booth produces. Many photo booth rental companies offer the option of having your company logo or a special message regarding the event on the edges of the images. There are also some companies that offer a box of props that can make the photos more fun.

In Need of a Photo Booth?

If you are in the New York area and want to learn about getting a party photo booth for your event, contact Ish Photo Booth Rentals. They have multiple offices to serve your needs and look to provide you with the best service in photo booth rentals. Contact them at (718) 297-4702 to learn about the many options they offer. You can follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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