High-Speed Hand Dryers Are the Best

Regardless of the business you operate, you want to promote handwashing for your employees and customers. Doing so helps to keep those you work with healthy. Installing fast hand dryers is a great way to encourage effective handwashing. These dryers are smart for your business for many reasons.

Those who install electric hand dryers immediately recognize their environmental benefits. Paper towels are the main alternative to electric dryers. While they do an effective job at drying hands, paper towels wreak havoc on the environment. Made from tree pulp, disposable towels require destruction of a slow-growing natural resource. They also clog up landfills. Electric dryers, by contrast, leave no waste behind. And, efficient models use very little electricity, helping further to protect the environment.

Since fast hand dryers produce less waste, they help to make commercial bathroom cleaning easier. For a business owner, this means emptying bathroom trashcans less frequently. It also means that paper towels do not end up strewn around the restroom, making your facilities look better. Few things can lead to a bad review as quickly as a trashed bathroom at a business.

Organizations that install electric dryers in their restrooms save money. Paper towels can be expensive. You also must replace them often. Modern electric hand dryers use less electricity than older models, helping your organization to save money. Those that install high-speed dryers save even more, as these models run for a shorter time and use less electricity.

Finally, for business owners that want to present a polished, high-tech image, fast dryers are appealing. Because they come in a variety of finishes, colors, and styles, these dryers fit well into the design of many different restrooms. Even better, customers appreciate a fast option for drying their hands. If that option seems high-tech, customers are more likely to use it.

Fast hand dryers work well in business facilities for a variety of reasons. If you want to promote handwashing, there is no better way to do it than with one of these hand dryers. Click here to know more.

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