How To Avoid Costly Rotating Equipment Repair

Companies rely on their rotating machinery to ensure steady productivity. If any component fails, the costs to the company can be high. Mechanical failure results in expensive rotating equipment repair or replacement and/or costly downtime. While machinery may lose its ability to perform optimally as a result of age, many causes are avoidable by taking the right preventive steps.

Preventing Rotating Machinery Failure

Rotating equipment can fail to operate optimally or cease to function as the result of any of the below:

  • Components wear out
  • Installation mistakes
  • Operating measures
  • Design deficiencies

These may be avoided by adopting a preventive plan. This involves adhering to certain measures including:

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Create a regular preventive maintenance plan and adhere to it. This includes daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks
  • Records: Make sure the crew in charge keeps good and reliable records. They can help track the performance of a machine and, with the right programs, indicate potential problems, stopping them before they occur
  • Proactive Measures: Do not wait for something to happen. Be proactive. Always be aware of the machinery and do what it takes to catch any glitch before serious issues arise.
  • Expert Advice: do not be afraid to call in professionals for advice on machine performance. They may be able to catch something you and your crew are missing

All these are preventive measures meant to reduce the instance for serious rotating equipment repair.

Rotating Equipment Repair

When it comes to rotating equipment, a pinch of prevention is worth any amount of repair. Those involved in maintaining the machinery need to understand the importance of preventive maintenance. This is the best weapon against having to call in professionals to handle a rotating equipment repair job. Whether the brunt of the responsibility for maintaining the equipment falls to maintenance, engineering, or operational personnel, it is essential all are aware of how to reduce the risk of equipment failure resulting in costly downtime.

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