Turbine Oil Flushing for Your Minnesota Precision Rotating Equipment

Turbine maintenance including turbine oil flushing and other rotating equipment repair is required to keep machinery in the safest and most functional condition. S.T. Cotter Turbine Services, Inc., has a staff of trained professionals who offer more than two centuries of combined experience in the field of turbine maintenance and repair. Their collective knowledge includes the areas of metallurgy, project management, automated system overview, and troubleshooting problems specific to turbines.

S.T. Cotter has been awarded for the accomplishments of women up-and-coming leaders in the industry, as they are a woman-owned and largely family-run business. They are also certified by the WBENC and DBE, both for achieving high standards as women succeeding in the industry in spite of the obstacles they faced.

Services Available to Improve the Function of Your Company’s Turbines

Initial installation of both steam and combustion turbines is available as is project management for your company. S.T. Cotter Turbine Services also offers precision hydraulic tooling and calibration to keep your machinery on track. Grit blasting is a form of sandblasting and is used to renew old turbines to cut down on the expense of a new one. It can get rid of corrosion, dust, and old paint to make a smooth surface for a new covering.

Industries Benefiting from Services of S.T. Cotter

Oil and chemical refineries have been able to improve their overall output in large part to the servicing by S.T. Cotter Turbine Services. Power and energy industries are recipients of turbine servicing. Wind turbines are operational in producing electric power across the country.

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