How Religious-Based and Hospice Companion Care Supports Seniors

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Health Care

In Severna Park, MD, as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, we are obligated to give them the support they need. One way people choose to honor this amazing generation is through the provision of companion care. Two types of companion care that many have been found to make a big difference are religious-based care and hospice companion care.

How Religious-Based Companion Care Helps

Our connection with our faith and our beliefs help form our identities as people. They also often play a pivotal role in the formation of our social groups. This is especially true for seniors who have been involved in a religious organization, perhaps for a number of years. There are two primary reasons why this is effective.

In the Severna Park, MD area, religious-based companion care services provide a familiar face. Even if the person providing companion care is sitting across the room so the person can have their own private moment, just knowing that they’re there can be a special source of comfort.

Another reason companion care services based on religion are effective is that the beliefs of the senior can be bolstered and their faith can be strengthened. This can be especially important as they contemplate what will happen after they die. The hopes espoused by the religion can be reinforced and any misconceptions can be cleared up. This all results in a sense of comfort and confidence in the twilight years and months.

How Companion Hospice Care Helps

Another service provided in Severna Park, MD is companion hospice care. It is generally understood that while a senior is in hospice, they are approaching the end of the journey. It is especially important that this delicate phase be executed with the proper kind of support. This is what companion hospice care services seek to provide. Anything from appointments to small outings to errands can be facilitated by companion hospice care. This can be performed by professional social workers, clergy members or nurses.

If you are in the Severna Park, MD area and feel a loved one may benefit from either companion hospice care or religious-based companion care but you aren’t sure where to start, you can rely on Capital City Nurses for help.

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