How Mentoring Can Change a Young Person’s Outlook

Young individuals face a potentially rocky road ahead and the introduction of a mentor offering a range of tutoring through life skills training and coaching can help form a definite future plan and outlook. Young adult treatment can help guide healthy relationships for both immediate and much longer term planning.

Mentors Focus On the Future

Coaching and mentoring are generally designed to help an individual develop and learn at a quicker rate than they would have done, without the mentor in place.

By focusing more on the future there is a range of broader skills which can help both personal, schooling and career development through that mentoring relationship. A coaching connection is more likely to focus on any difficulties that exist now.

Individuals in all walks of life consider working closely with the mentor. Even well-known film directors are mentored at various stages during their career by vastly experienced film directors. By looking at young adult treatment, a mentor or can be placed to take the individual through those younger years towards well-defined goals.

The mentoring can exist for explicit fix periods of time or to reach a certain target before the relationship is renegotiated towards the next mark and perhaps involves the assistance of a different mentor.

Building Rapport Is the Key to Success

Both the individual and the mentor must find excellent common ground which builds the rapport that develops the relationship between the two parties.
The responsibility for the process of regular meetings and how the relationship builds is guided by the mentor so that informal agreements are regularly reviewed to see how the whole situation is developing for both parties.

As the development builds, the mentee will understand how they must show more responsibility for the discussions as a higher level of mutual respect guides future targets.

Is A Role Model the Same as A Mentor?

The mentor will be seen as a role model from time to time and this will form as the understanding grows between the two individuals. The young adult treatment will encourage the mentee to gradually understand how they can handle specific circumstances in life, at school or in their early working career.

The mentor becomes a critical friend which may draw on their skills at the deepest level to prove successful. This is very different from applying counselling skills which are ways that the mentee will listen, learn and clarify their understanding of any roadblocks on the long journey.

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