How Local Governments Can Lower Their Cooling Costs

Your offices are not being cooled properly and the commercial AC professional says you may need a new Bitzer AC compressor. Just about every government organization is going through “belt tightening” and exploring ways to trim money from the budget. However, many of these organizations can save a considerable amount of money on costs like commercial cooling and this can make a big difference in their operating expenses. Here are some of the things they can do, to help make a difference and ease the burden on themselves and taxpayers.

AC Decisions

Some organizations opt to completely replace AC systems when they have other options which can save a great deal of money. For example, if the cooling system’s Bitzer AC compressor is on its last legs, the rest of the HVAC system could be in good condition. It’s possible to only replace the compressor. However, some people would argue, a new Bitzer AC compressor may not be the most cost effective way to solve air conditioning problems in large buildings. Yet, there are solutions to these problems.

Remanufactured Compressors

Commercial cooling systems are designed to handle heavy loads and provide many years of service. However, over time, compressors may eventually fail and they can be replaced with units which have been completely remanufactured. When you go with a trusted and reputable remanufacturer you receive a Bitzer AC compressor in “good as new” condition. In fact, the top remanufacturers have the capabilities to upgrade many compressors to ensure they meet current EPA standards.

Load Reduction Strategies

Many organizations are quick to upgrade cooling systems when they may only need to reduce the load on the current system. When you take a load reduction strategy you make it easier on the system, reducing the need for maintenance and lowering your operating costs. Here are things you can do:

 * Windows – instead of upgrading your AC system, your money may be better spent installing new energy efficient windows. Most large buildings lose the majority of their cooling air through the windows and energy efficient windows can save money and also eliminate many of the distractions from outside noises.

 * Lighting – did you know a lighting upgrade can save you in two ways? First, new lighting is more energy efficient. Also, many new lighting systems are LED and they emit far less heat, making it much easier on your cooling bills.

 * Office equipment – many offices are working with outdated or older equipment which is not Energy Star compliant.

 * Programmable thermostats – this strategy can drastically lessen the load on an aging Bitzer compressor and there may be no need for replacement for several years.

As you can see, there are many things which can be done to cut costs without the unpopular strategy of raising taxes or municipal fees.

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