4 Innovative for Your Organization

Are you tired of conducting car washes or selling candy? These raising money ideas still work but perhaps it is time to try something a little different? Here are four fresh ideas for fundraising which can make your promotion a little more fun and profitable.

1. Internet Scavenger Hunt

If you want to attract attention and get a great deal of participation, why not conduct an online scavenger hunt contest? These ideas will help you get started:

 * Check out special scavenger hunt apps and software. This will make it much easier to understand the basics of what you need to do.

 * In order for people to participate in the hunt, they need to pay a registration fee (which naturally goes to a good cause). This also gives them the chance to get in contact with others in the game.

 * Come up with a theme – it could be a holiday, school or organizational event.

 * Make it easy at first – you might try using trivia questions with answers which can be looked up online. Remember to gradually increase the difficulty level of your game.

2. Inexpensive Gifts

If you can’t come up with any raising money ideas, think of the holidays. This promotion can be used before the holidays to bring in a lot of extra money. For example, during Christmas season your group can sell inexpensive gifts for under $25. This is a great way to promote your cause and people can get part of their Christmas shopping out of way in the process. Remember, you’ll want to plan a Christmas promotion months ahead of time, and if you start in October, you will increase the odds for more sales.

3. Restaurant Partnership

Consider going into partnership with a local restaurant. You can promote a night out dinner or special breakfast and sell tickets to the event. This will increase business for the establishment and they can share the profits with your organization. The restaurant wins twice because they make money and the money they donate is a business tax deduction.

4. Have a “Raising Money Ideas” Brainstorming Session

Get people together in your organization for a special session. Someone can stand at the head of the room and write ideas on a chalkboard. Tell your people to be creative and come up with as many ideas as they can. Within a short amount of time you may have so many excellent raising money ideas, you won’t know which one to choose.

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