How Injections Can Help Ease Your Shoulder Pain in Elkhart, IN

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Pain Management

If you are having extreme shoulder pain, you might be wondering can a shoulder pain clinic provide injections for pain relief. Thankfully, the answer is a definite yes and you actually have several different options to choose from.

This is an injection that contains extremely powerful antiinflammatory steroids. They provide instant relief to joint pain and are typically used in such areas as the shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, hip, and other body parts. While used less frequently in smaller joints like the fingers, they are nonetheless very effective as a leading shoulder pain treatment in Elkhart, IN.

Shoulder Joint Injections
These are shoulder-specific injections that are used for instances of arthritis or frozen shoulder. If you are suffering from either of these, then it makes sense to ask can a shoulder pain clinic provide injections for pain relief. Most wellness clinics will be able to answer this and provide you with a rundown of the services that they offer.

PRP & Stem-Cell Injections
These are cutting-edge, yet proven effective, methods of dealing with shoulder pain. This shoulder pain treatment in Elkhart, IN works by using the patient’s own cells to help heal the injury so that the outcome is a more permanent solution than simply numbing the pain. By inducing a faster rate of healing, the shoulder can return to the functional level that it was once at.

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