How Do I Make My Car Greener?

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Automotive

With all the talk of automobile-based pollution, drivers are looking for ways to make their cars “greener” and more environmentally friendly. By taking a few simple steps to ensure better preventative maintenance, you can do your part for the environment by improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, which will help you keep more gas money in your pocket as well. Below are some practical, hassle-free steps you can take to make your car more eco-friendly.

1. Keep your car properly tuned up.

Getting regular tune-ups will improve the fuel efficiency and overall performance of your vehicle. Common tune-up items include changing the spark plugs, replacing the air and fuel filters, and testing the on-board diagnostics (OBD) system to ensure that it is properly keeping track of the emissions systems within the engine.

2. Drive wisely.

Your driving habits can have a significant impact on fuel efficiency. Avoid excessive stop-and-go driving, and make sure to abide by the speed limit. Not only will this help you in terms of safety, but it can save you money by preventing speeding tickets. Consolidate trips so that you’re not wasting gas by running multiple errands unnecessarily. Before you start out on any trip to an unfamiliar place, make sure that you have clear directions so that you won’t waste fuel searching for your destination. Also avoid aggressive driving, which can create excess wear on your vehicle, and cost you money in the form of reduced fuel efficiency.

3. Keep extra weight out of your vehicle.

Driving around with heavy items in your trunk can really put a damper on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. If you’re not taking those items somewhere to be disposed of, take them out of your vehicle until you’re ready to use them, or throw them away if they’re just basically “dead weight”. That being said, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to keep emergency items in your vehicle such as a spare tire, a first aid kit and jumper cables.

4. Check your gas cap.

A cracked or poorly sealed gas cap can really drain your wallet in terms of fuel expenses due to the rapid evaporation rate of gasoline. Make sure that the seal on your gas cap is nice and tight.

5. Change your air filter on a periodic basis.

A clogged or dirty air filter can cause your engine to operate at a lower level of efficiency. Keep a clean air filter in your vehicle to ensure optimal engine performance.

As you can see, you don’t have to have a hybrid or electric vehicle to “go green”; the important thing is to start right where you are and do what you can to make your car as environmentally friendly as possible. Keep the above list in mind to help turn your car into a “green machine”.

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*Always check your owner’s manual for your vehicle model’s specific instructions before attempting any type of repair.

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