How A Personal Injury Attorney In South Windsor, CT Manages Product Liabilities

In Connecticut, product liabilities emerge when flawed designs cause consumer-based injuries. When investigated, the most common conditions are hazards that were identified during testing practices and weren’t corrected. A Personal Injury Attorney in South Windsor CT offers insight into how the injury claims are managed.

How the Consumer Rights Protection Agency Works?

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency has the right to start an investigation once a consumer reports an injury. The agency can collect the exact product used by the consumer and test in in their own labs. Any findings could determine if the product is safe or if an error in its design caused the injury. A product recall is issued when a product is dangerous to consumers.

Is It a Single Incident or Class-Action Lawsuit?

An investigation determines if the manufacturer faces a single incident or a class-action lawsuit. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency issues a notice once multiple consumer injuries are reported. Any additional litigants can contact an attorney to start the claim’s process. If only one victim emerges, a class-action lawsuit isn’t filed.

What Manufacturers Must Do

The manufacturer must follow the requirements of any product recall. Typically, the recalls include correcting errors in the product design, offering refunds, and providing compensation for medical costs. However, select manufacturers won’t follow all requirements exactly. If they don’t abide by the requirements, the victims can file a lawsuit to collect compensation for their financial losses.

What Damages are Available from Manufacturers?

Manufacturers who are proven accountable must pay all medical expenses for the victim. Any wages they lost over the course of their recovery are returned. When the injuries are severe, the judge may award punitive damages. The monetary awards are based on the lasting effects of the injuries.

In Connecticut, product liabilities occur when manufacturers fail to provide safe products. The events are related to flaws in the design and failures to follow assembly instructions. Manufacturers must follow product recall instructions related to consumer-based injuries. Victims of the product-related injuries contact a Personal Injury Attorney in South Windsor CT through Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP and schedule an appointment today.

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