Hiring the Best Philadelphia DJs

Planning an event takes a lot of work, but there are a few things you can do to save on time and to trim your budget a bit, too. One of those things is hiring a DJ. DJs are self-sufficient and need nothing other than an electrical outlet to power their equipment. You don’t have to provide anything more than a few desirable genres of music and some artists that you like. The DJ will use that information to create a playlist that you and your guests will enjoy. Here are a few different events for which you might hire one of the top Philadelphia DJs.


Your wedding day represents one of the biggest events in your life. You naturally want everything to be perfect. Some people decide to hire a live band for their reception, and while that’s certainly a memorable option, it’s not always the best decision to make. Live bands are very limited in terms of which songs they can play, and some bands may not always be the most talented. Additionally, you may not get exactly what you signed up for, as listening to a recording is much different than hearing a band play live.

However, by hiring one of the best Philadelphia DJs, you can guarantee that you’ll hear your favorite music and be able to have your first dance to the song of your choice. You will also be able to create the playlist you want, which will entertain guests throughout the event.


The same is true for any birthday party you might host. While you could use an iPod for music, it’s just not the same as having a live DJ. Yes, you potentially have access to a huge library of songs, but you have none of the extras that Philadelphia DJs provide. DJs do more than just play music. They also act as the MC of the event, keeping it fun and encouraging people to dance through constant interactions. DJs can even host party games, use a fog machine, or put on a laser light show. As such, DJs represent a comprehensive entertainment hub for any type of event.

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